Why I love colouring hair

Hair trends come and go, but for most women colour is an intensely personal experience, they want to look natural and individual, not like the woman sat next to them at the salon. This is why I became a balyage specialist.
The first time I saw balayage I was struck by the artistry and softness of the result.  For me hair is about freshness, the illusion of youthfulness and sex and for me balayage offered all of this, so I went on courses and studied the technique so I could introduce it to my clients.People often ask what exactly the technique is, it originated in France and means to sweep or paint.  Highlights are painted onto the hair following the hairs natural wave and growth patterns, this allows a truly personalised set of highlights which are pretty and soft, all the things I believe hair colour should be and something that cannot be achieved with foils.

The difference between foils and balayage is that, balayage is painted onto the hair, the regrowth is softer and less of a tell-tale when hair is pulled back and parted.  Foils are perfectly placed but balayage is more organic.  The brightest pieces are always placed around the face and ends of the hair … As would happen naturally in the sun

Balayage and Ombre (a similar technique) are popular with  Hollywood  stars and models because it it’s easy to maintain, allows them to go lighter without looking cheap, these are all very good reasons to choose it as a highlighting technique, as it fits so well with all of our busy lifestyles.

With summer coming Balayage and Ombre are the perfect way to get that sunkissed beach look.  The sun wind and sea can be hard on hair and hair colour look after it  … nothing looks sexier than shiny glossy bouncy hair.  My top tips to keep your colour looking at its best:

  • Only use products with UVA protection such as the Brocato line
  • First soak hair in fresh water before going into the pool without as the chlorine can damage and change your colour
  • Use a colour protection line and treatment range of shampoos and conditioners, again I adore Brocato
  • regular treatments help and for that extra special feel have a shine service they last unto 4 weeks  and can add that touch of gloss I like so much

If you can’t make an appointment to see me, a good way to find a  specialist is to do some research on Google, then book to see them for a consultation, if you like what they say and have to offer go with your gut reaction. If a hairdresser tells you they can achieve a balayage look with foil it’s just not true, and I would advise you to find another salon.  I will be offering more classes and certify hairdressers throughout the UK in Balayage as I did in North America for L’Oreal professional.

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