The 10 top hair colour trends and techniques

Remember when salon colour menus were a thrilling list of full-head, half head, T-bar, block colour (someone wake me, I’m drifting off to sleep at the very thought of it!). You’d choose your tone (blonde, brunette or red for the adventurous!) from a shade chart and sit back and wait for the foils to kick in.

Well didn’t things change. And FAST!

On one hand social media arrived and the whole concept of seasonal trends disappeared. For. Ever. At a similar time balayage finally made its way over to the UK (when I first arrived here, people were saying it was a fad!).

It’s all great news for consumers and there’s never been a better time for you to have beautiful natural looking hair colour, eye-catching creative hues or any colour locks that take your fancy.

Now the only challenge is keeping up with all the fresh language and the catchy names for the various hair painting techniques. So here’s your guide to the hot hair colour trends that could give your hair the wow factor:

  1. Babylights. These little beauties have taken the stripe out of foil highlights and should reflect the soft wisps of light hair children get when they’ve been in the sun. Your colourist could use freehand or foils. Either way you should expect a softer, more youthful appearance.
  2. Fluid painting. A bit of an evolution from balayage, this is hairdressing theatre at its finest. It looks great on Instagram (look it up!), but I’m not sure how comfortable you’ll feel having it done!
  3. Contouring. Just like the make-up trend, this is all about using light and shade to accentuate your best bits. The effect can be created with balayage or foil and it’s all about carefully positioning different tones and depths around the face.
  4. Strobing. Another make-up technique. This adds depth a little darker than your natural shade complemented by face-framing highlights that reflect light onto your face.
  5. Bronde. The shade that will not go out of fashion. It’s several years old now and is a great name for a look that is neither blonde nor brown. This can be a really flattering look as you get a little older.
  6. Ronze. It’s red, it’s brown, it’s bloody gorgeous. Think of this as a classic copper red mixed with a rich, bronze brown. The perfect colour melts for the changing of the seasons
  7. Rose Gold. I’ll bet you’ve spotted this one when you’ve been scrolling through Instagram. Just like the precious metal it takes its name from it’s glossy, gorgeous and expensive looking.
  8. Tri-colour. Fear not, it’s not the red white and blue of France we’re talking about, more like Parisienne chic. If you want to stand out in a subtle, understated way this natural looker is lighter at the front and slightly darker at the nape. Super subtle. Super sexy.
  9. Ecaille. Literally this means tortoiseshell and it’s beautiful mix of light and dark tones. There are micro trends moving to more extreme animal prints, but this is a soft beautiful multi-tonal look much more suited to the busy woman’s life.
  10. Ombre (yawn!) and sombre. If you still don’t get the difference between ombre and balayage you can read all about it here. This can be natural looking or a more dramatic colour shift. A good colourist should talk to you about personalising your ombre with some balayage piece around the face.

With so many options to choose from, there’s no excuse for having boring hair colour. I’d love to help you to find the perfect tones and technique for your hair. You can take the first step to your new look and book in for a colour consultation here.

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