What’s all the fuss about Babylights?

Is there any hair colour that looks quite so beautiful as a little girl’s multi-tonal locks at the end of the summer? All those gorgeous sun-kissed tones reflecting in the light with a shimmering effect that’s complemented by stunning lightness framing the front.

It’s natural beauty. If only you could recreate that as a grown up…

You can. Step forward babylights.

Babylights are uber fine weaves that are strategically placed to give a subtle multi-tonal effect to the hair.

A colourist can spread a few babylights out through the hair to add a little shimmer to your look or you can have hundreds of them for a colour change. The most important thing is that they need to be super soft, fine and delicate.

To me, babylights are a reaction to lazy-boy weaves, chunking and the heavy foil highlights techniques that all left clients with obviously coloured hair.

That’s not to say they can’t be done with foil though. Your colourist might do them free-hand (known as hair painting) or use foil or a meche to package them up and allow the colour to develop.

Will babylights suit you?

Because they’re so natural and are done with tone-on-tone colour and super-fine highlights, babylights can work on any colour or texture of hair.

They will look fantastic around your balayage because they’ll give you a softness and they’re perfect for creating hybrid colours like bronde and ronze.

You’re likely to get lots of compliments, but people won’t really be sure what’s different.

For me, babylights look best on bobs, lobs and long hair. They’re super soft and feminine so don’t work so well with anything too choppy or messy.

What should you ask for?

I really believe that you shouldn’t be asking for anything. You should be showing your colourist. That could be magazine pics, it could be pinterest boards, it could be a photo on Instagram, but give your colourist something to work with and they’ll know the best way to achieve that look.

If you like to talk or be in the know about your terminology, just ask for some uber fine babylights and let them know the colours you have in mind – I’d avoid any dramatic contrasts in shades.

Are you thinking that babylights could help create your perfect look for party season, but don’t know where to go to have them applied? Book now for a consultation with me in Paul Edmonds London Salon.