Three Things To Know Before Colouring Your Hair

The prospect of a freshly-coloured head of hair can be very alluring – particularly as seasons shift and the light changes. That said, choosing the right hair colour and communicating what you like to your hairdresser is crucial to make the hair colouring process a good experience culminating in hair you’re happy with.

Communication is absolutely key here, as is having realistic goals. Here are three tips that should help to steer you in the right direction:

1) Research your colourist first. If you love balayage, look for someone who has examples of it on their website or social media. If you want a full head of blonde, make sure they have practised getting just the right hue. When you book in, mention what you’re aiming for, and don’t forget to say if your hair is a vastly different colour to that which you’re after. Ask for a consultation first so that you have the time to really discuss what you’re hoping to achieve.

2) Take in images of hair you like – but try to find colours taken in daylight, as camera flash will make highlights pop in a way that normal light simply doesn’t. Make sure you mention to your colourist what it is that you like about a particular colour, whether it’s where it starts on the hair or how it’s blended to give them a better idea of your style.

3) Be realistic. If you’ve got ebony hair and want to be a platinum blonde, you might need more than one session and have to be willing to do the aftercare to keep your hair strong and hold the hue so that your hair colouring efforts haven’t been in vain. Try masks, use a wide-toothed comb to brush, and try not to over wash hair in order to reduce dryness and breakage.