Three Things To Know About Balayage Before You Book In

Since balayage hit the UK and became the hottest colour technique, its popularity hasn’t waned. Meaning to sweep or paint, the technique is freehand – meaning it can be tailored to any hair colour, length, or texture. This makes it ideal if you’re after a change but want the look to be bespoke to your hair and face. Another benefit of balayage? It can be painted cleverly without obvious edges or lines so that you won’t have to spend as much time in the hairdressers chair.

Now sure if it’s for you? Here are three things to know about balayage before you decide to try it…

1) Balayage can be painted on any hair colour.

It’s not just about blonde highlights – you can lift grey hair, or add deep cocoa shots to ebony hair. Equally, if you want to add depth to the lengths of hair, balayage portions can do that, too.

2) Look for an expert

As the technique relies so heavily on the skill of the colourist, make sure that you look for someone who’s got experience with balayage and who can show you pictures of hair they’ve coloured so you can make sure you’re happy with their style.

3) Balayage can make your features pop

Just as all good make-up artists rely on adding light and shade to a face to enhance bone structure and accentuate features, balayage can be applied to do similar. For example, if you want to make your eyes stand out, a few carefully-placed lighter strands around them will help them to look more pronounced. Equally, adding some softer, more buttery hues around a jawline can make it appear less strong. If you would like to try using balayage to highlight or slightly soften a feature, make sure you ask your colourist if they can recommend anything before they get started.