Three Things To Consider Before You Choose a Hair Colour

With the myriad new ways to preserve the integrity of hair during the colouring process, far more options have been opened up to anyone wanting to choose a hair colour that’s different to that which they naturally grow. But while preference should always guide you when choosing a hair colour, it’s well worth bearing a few other factors in mind when picking a hue – particularly if it’s one that’s a fair bit lighter or darker than your natural shade.

Here are some things to consider before you book in for colour:

Your eye colour and skin tone

While most people will suit a host of different hair colours, taking your cue from your skin and eye colour is a good idea. You can either opt for something that’ll blend in with your natural colouring so if, for example, you have caramel-toned skin and brown eyes, going for a rich chocolate with balayage portions of bronze would be complementary. If, however, you want to amp up your eye or skin colour, try something that’ll offer contrast – if you have green eyes, try a rich red, or if your eyes are deep mahogany, give platinum a whirl.

Your style

Not just your preferred hair style, but also how you like to dress and whether you wear make-up or not. The overall look you’d like to achieve is crucial here, so if you generally like pared back and aim for beachy beauty, a full head of blazing red might be at odds with your style, while a few balayage portions to lift your natural colour would be in keeping with the rest of your appearance.

Be prepared for the maintenance

Any colour will last for longer and look more vibrant with diligent care. As well as washing gently so as not to stretch or rub at strands, make sure you use a hair mask at regular intervals (1-2 times a week would be ideal, depending on how often you wash your hair). Try Schwarzkopf Blond Me All Blondes Mask if you’ve gone lighter to infuse with shine and to strengthen, or their Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Treatment on colours like red and brown to hydrate and smooth. Finally, reduce heat styling on coloured portions and bear in mind that you might need to visit the hairdresser more often if you’ve departed significantly from your natural colour.