The latest trends for balayage in London

As someone who LOVES commercial hair colour, I’m so excited to tell you that it’s all about natural-looking hair colour right now.

I’m not saying vivids and brights have had their day – there’s always going to be a place for them, especially now there are so many fantastic products to create them, and they are perfect for that colour pop that makes you stand out at a party or a festival – but searches for natural hair colour have now overtaken searches for bright hues. Hooray!

Natural-looking hair colour isn’t just about the choice of shade. It’s about the placement and application too. If you want to have fresh on-trend hair colour, old-school foil highlights simply will not cut it – no matter how good the technician is!

I’m also seeing a bit on an unfortunate trend of people with over-applied balayage. When you have too many pieces of balayage put in, it all becomes a bit too blocky and solid looking, almost like an ombre. That’s starting to look a bit stale and dated.

So how do you achieve hair colour that suits you and looks on trend? These are the key balayage trends I’m seeing in London right now. Go for one of these and you’ve got Autumn/Winter 2018 nailed.

The ginger balayage

I sometimes moan about micro-trends popping up on Instagram and everyone talking about them being ‘the next big thing’, but the ginger balayage is the social media favourite of the moment that is here to stay.

I’m loving the firey reds and shimmering coppers that are the signature of the ginger balayage.

This is a colour trend that works for every client. If you have a blonde base, you’ll look fab with an injection of copper, while brunettes can add more rich intense reds and mahogany balayage to bring their look up to date.

The London blonde

The big vibe for Londoners is a soft au-natural blonde. It isn’t super ashy and we’re over the white-as-white blonde trend that was all over Instagram a couple of seasons ago.

If you’re looking for a bang on trend blonde right now think soft and natural looking. You need to steer clear of brassy tones and nothing too golden. It’s not too perfect, but rather sassy-looking and a little lived-in.

I’m being asked to recreate Emma Louise Connolly’s hair a lot at the moment. She’s one of my clients and she’s really nailed the London balayage look. Gorgeous.

The London brunette

Ashy blondes may have had their day, but it’s all about the ashy brunette.

To nail this trend, avoid too much warmth and there’s no place for that orangey glow you see all too often on brown hair.

When it comes to your balayage, it’s all about the power piece right now, so some face-framing highlights will make all the difference. Keep them within a shade or two of the base colour best results.

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