The hair care routine to keep your balayaged hair healthy

Cultivating a good hair care routine may seem elementary – but it truly isn’t.

Like anything, once you know what you’re doing, it’ll slot into your everyday life without any difficulty, but you need to come up with a routine to suit your hair type and life. That’s where these come in…

    1. How do you shampoo?
      Yes, choice of shampoo is important, but how you use it is almost equally so. If you like to shampoo twice, you need to make sure you’re using a formula that won’t strip. Also, consider how you apply it: you want to massage it into your roots to remove oil, then gently pat the shampoo down your balayaged ends. Never rub – this will weaken hair and encourage breakage.
    2. How often do you shampoo?
      While shampooing regularly won’t necessarily dry your hair out, what you do to it after might. If you’re addicted to your curling tongs, your coloured lengths are more likely to lose strength and lustre. If you want to extend your style, dry shampoo is helpful. Batiste is affordable and available everywhere, while if you like vegan haircare, you might want to try Maria Nila. For a little perfume in your dry shampoo, Sam McKnight makes a great dry shampoo with scent by Lyn Harris.
    3. Always hydrate
      Balayaged hair can be slightly thirsty, so make sure your hair care routine includes a conditioner and try using masks to really pack moisture in. Make it part of your weekly routine so that you don’t forget.
    4. Think about what happens to your hair once it’s styled
      This is key – hair once dry may be less susceptible to breakage, but it still needs care. Consider investing in a hair brush that won’t drag (Mason Pearson hairbrushes are cult for good reason), and switch to a silk pillowcase if you find you hair is knotted when you wake up.