The best hair colour for men

Wasn’t summer great? The heat wave that lasted for weeks and weeks, a welcome break from all the chat about Brexit, the World Cup! Not to mention how much better you looked.

Yes, your tan helped, but the way the sun naturally brightened up your hair made a huge difference that dramatically improved your whole appearance.

Just like the hopes of ‘it coming home’ and your tan, those pick-me-up highlights are long gone, but it’s really easy for men to recreate their summer hair style with a few coloured pieces of hair.

If you’re a man whose toying with hair colour, I urge you push any thoughts of obviously coloured hair and that Just For Men vibe out of your mind.  The trick with guys’ hair colour is to keep it natural and not over-exaggerate it.

Hair colour works great for any man with a bit of length through the top and I find that balayage highlights, a couple of shades lighter than your natural colour, work best to recreate that sexy summer vibe.

My favourite technique is called New York Lights, a balayage technique that works brilliantly for my male clients because it’s done at the backwash – so you don’t need to be seen having your hair coloured (unless you want to!).

I always balayage a man’s hair after it has been cut too, because the style should dictate where the lighter pieces go – and it makes for a super quick service.

Whether you’re reluctantly being pushed to have your hair colour by a partner or are tempted but feel nervous about the idea of sitting in the salon with foils through your hair, it really is time to go for it. You’ll look better. You’ll feel better and, if your colourist has got anything about them they’ll ensure that you feel completely at ease throughout the whole experience. What are you waiting for?

My top tips for hair colour for men

  • Do save a photo you like (or that your partner likes!) onto your phone. No hairdresser is going to laugh at you. They’re going to be relieved that they’ve got a starting point to give you the hair colour you like
  • Don’t go for all-over colour – even if you’re trying to hide greys. It will look obviously coloured and you’ll regret it.
  • Don’t try to push it. Again, it’s going to look fake. Take it a maximum of three shades lighter to replicate what the sun does.
  • Don’t be intimidated. If you feel uncomfortable sitting on the salon floor, don’t be scared to ask your hairdresser to colour it at the backwash or in a private area.

Are you looking for someone to make you look better or advise you what you should be doing with your color? I’m currently taking bookings for consultations and colour clients at Paul Edmonds in London. You can book here.