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As colourists we all have them, our favourite go-to products, ones we can count on every time to deliver the results we want and our clients expect. I have quite a few and over the next few months I am going to be writing about them and telling you what makes them my go-to product.

Lightener, as I like to call them rather than bleach (thats something you put down the loo) have been a mainstay of the hairdressing industry since before the days of haircolour. I’m sure ladies found the lightening powers of lemons fascinating back in the day. When I started colouring nearly 30 years ago, lighteners where in a very a simple powder form or gel that you added developer to (peroxide) and in those days 60vol and 100 vol where commonly used, what they gave in speed and lifting power you had to give up in condition, and in the hands of an unskilled operative disaster could be 2 minutes away. I never really had a problem with the old style powder lighteners until about 15 years ago when I started to balayage it was then that I found that without a meche or a foil the application of product on the surface of the hair (Balayage) could dry out in areas leaving me with inconsistent results, much to my horror, I did figure out how to fix that but it was more work than it should have been.

All that changed for me in 2004 with the first launch of Platinium and Platinium Plus, a paste lightener and then a few years later with the updated version of which I was thrilled to help launch both in the USA .

This is why I love this product


• Nutri-cerides: strengthens and nourishes cuticles
• White beeswax: smooths and softens hair fiber
• Maintains the lipid levels on the hair surface for beautiful condition

The PLATINIUM PLUS high performance lightening system lightens up to 7 levels at high speed.
• 20% faster than powder lighteners
• More conditioning
• Cleaner, more even results
• A creamier consistency

The above and the fact that I can mix it to the consistency I like ( think cream cheese/ yogurt ) for my freehand applications and that it doesn’t blow up and expand in the bowl or on the head, make this my go to product for most of my balayage work. It comes with three designated developers 20/30/40 volume and there is no doubt in my mind that its a cleaner faster lift , easier to use and it leaves the hair shiny, healthy and in great condition. On the price point side it is rather expensive and when not mixed properly can be easily wasted – I hate waste of any kind, and really insist that people mix properly and in accordance with the work they are about to do.

Jacks tip – quality products can cost – but we and our clients are worth it.

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