How To Make Coloured Hair Shine

That time of year again the clocks have gone back and the lights are up on Oxford Street, Christmas day is over and all conversations seem to be about New Year’s Eve parties and that perfect dress, but what about healthy glossy hair?

A good friend of mine recently told me that she just can’t dress her hair out unless its quick and easy, so for some people styling can be left on the back burner to be honest I don’t blame her. I find the whole styling thing hard work myself, but does the gloss factor have to suffer?

All of you who know me understand that I always like to see hair that is healthy and glossy, hairdressers can blow out your hair to give you bounce and shine on the day you see them, but how do you maintain that gloss in-between appointments.

There are a few tricks – but first of all here’s a bit of theory.

1.Warm tones reflect 1/2 a shade lighter/brighter than cool tones.

2. darker shades reflect more light than blonde, hence ladies who are blonde can miss the shine factor

3.If the cuticle on the hair is not smooth the hair won’t shine as much, that’s why smoother hair always looks shinier than curly hair

As a hair colourist I always like to offer a glaze service to my ladies whether they have colour or not, it always leaves the hair so smooth and shiny and is a quick and simple service.

The professional hair colour market offers loads of choices for a glaze, my favourite is a simple clear option that is ammonia free and that can last 4- 6 weeks it can be applied to virtually anyone and is a very low commitment if its clear. Relatively inexpensive with maximum impact. It’s a simple process that goes something like this:

1.shampoo the hair towel dry
2.apply all over leave on for 10-15 mins
3.shampoo again and blow dry as normal
4 leave the salon with luxurious glossy hair in about 45 minutes

If you are finding yourself time poor this holiday season this is a quick and effective way to make your hair look wonderful and it will last you all the way into the new year.

Jack’s tip – if it’s too much hassle to go to the salon, all the major High Street chemists now sell at home shine treatments. There’s no excuse for the lack of gloss.

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