Balayage for redheads

From this season’s honey rose gold, to chic burnished coppers and the hottest hue du jour, ronze, redheads (or rather hints of red) are having a moment.

It’s a trend that’s fabulous news for hairdressers because three out of four people who colour their hair red do it in a salon. And it’s a growing market….

If you think about it, consumers can get really confused with red or copper or auburn and all its nuances and generally they just say red. That could mean anything from a level three to a level nine before you even start to think about the intensity: red could be anything from the hints of red that are so popular right now to a deep rich red.

There’s also enormous potential to upsell to your redheads. Bright reds tend to fade fast, so your clients will need the right shampoos and conditioners along with a heat protector so make sure you tell your clients exactly how they will be able to maintain their red hair.

So what do you do when someone says ‘I want to go red?’. For me, my top lip breaks out in a little sweat and I always do a through consultation: Why? When? What? And especially Is this break-up colour?

Out comes Google and we look at images, or we use Pinterest to make sure we’re on the same page and then we can move forward. It’s so important to use proper images, not just the little swatch of hair on the chart which is really for our guidance, not the client’s.

The Red Hot Hues

Honey Rose Gold

Moving the rose gold trend on, this combines rich toffee with sparking pink or peach for a gorgeous girly finish.


Perfect for clients with warm undertones in their skin, copper can take you the full spectrum from strawberry blonde to almost auburn. These hints of red are the perfect baby steps into the world of a redhead.


Is it brown? Is it red? As the name suggests this hue is where red meets bronze for an intense and expensive finish. This is best achieved with a beautiful balayage.

Balayage for red hair

People often make the mistake that balayage is just for blondes but that simply isn’t the case. It’s all about creating a natural sun-kissed look and lightening a redhead where the sun would hit the hair for a gorgeous head-turning look.

I recently transformed a lovely long blonde client with balayage. She had been talking about going a soft copper for a while and so we went for it; I used a Majirel 8.04 after I had pre-coloured the Balayage with Dia Light and then a virgin full head tint application.

Four tubes later and both she and I were delighted with the super soft, very pretty results which I then detailed with some more Balayage to keep it on trend. Simply stunning.

All beautiful hair colour starts with perfect application, but you don’t always have the time to get out of the salon and work on your skills. If you want to master the art of balayage from your salon or even your own home, check out my exciting new balayage training videos.

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