Hair Colour and Balayage Birthday Blog

July 21st 2012 was the first anniversary of my blog. I was a little hesitant about starting it after all what could I write about and would anyone really be interested in what I wrote?! My good friend Louise really encouraged me to get involved with social media, and now I love it, much to the horror of my partner, friends and family.

I have become a social media addict who can’t go without my iPhone or iPad longer than two minutes.The writing aspect all started very slowly, in fact my first two posts where left on my blog for months before I really started getting into it, but I had always loved writing and literature at school and enjoy my career – so really it was a marriage made in heaven. With some coaxing and tips from by friend Roberto who is also my tech guru, I feel like I have come a long way.

Slowly I have watched my followers grow, and have had some really great feedback from people which has been wonderful, I’ve been able to review products, styling tools and talk about the kind of hair I love. Things have really started to heat up in the writing department for me, it’s brilliant that people want me to write guest blogs and I’m being asked for my opinion on current trends and looks, it’s become my hobby and a great outlet. If only I could get the photo aspect of my blogging down – that’s the next thing I shall work on.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this latest venture, I hope the next year is going to be even better, and if there is anything you would like to ask me about or maybe something you would like me to write about – just pop me a line .

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