Matrix Color Graphics Review

Matrix – the number one hairdressing product company in the USA – some of you might say whats that? but believe me they have some great products and although my heart belongs to L’Oreal Professionel I do occasionally flirt with other ranges. I discovered colourgraphics when I first moved back to London, ironic as I had spent 18 years in the states!

Think about the client who has a brunette tint and wants a few balayage pieces put through her hair,. Usually we’d have to use a lightener then tone, this can be time consuming and for some people unpredictable, but not with this quick, easy to use and really simple product. I was amazed when I discovered it, a lightener that lifts and deposits tone depending on the pigment you use. Whats truly brilliant is that it lifts through colour and deposits tone.


It’s an off-the-scalp system, it lightens, tones and conditions in one step with six brightly colored pigments tone as the formula lightens. The Lightening Powder, Promoter and Pigments work together, the three products act as a “system” containing buffering agents, silk amino acids and Vitamin F. Together these ingredients allow you to keep the hair in optimum condition while using heat.

Use Colorgraphics for balayage or with meche to create neutral, cool, soft or bright tones you can comb, paint or scrunch it on as its really versatile and super conditioning. It has no ammonia odour and comes with six pigments that add a fresh scent, it has two dedicated developer 8 and 22 and I usually mix them for a medium lift or use the 8 just for a gentle soft look. The pigments deposit a subtle tonal value of cool, warm or neutral while lightening occurs. For example, green provides the coolest results while red provides the warmest result.

Colorgraphics is heat accelerated, which means you will get the fastest and lightest results when processed under a pre-heated dryer. It also works without heat if you want more subtle results, and you all know I love subtle.

I really only use this product on tinted hair and generally use the blue or green pigments – it’s a simple mix two scoops of powder to scoops of developer and one scoop of pigment it mixes into a great paste that is the consistency that I can use for my freehand work, but many people use it for all their lightening needs.

Jacks tip – get creative start playing with colorgraphics

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