March Madness with Balayage

The whole start of 2015 has been so busy and Balayage Education has me going all over the country. I managed to stop over Easter but only just.

The beginning of March saw me at Pro Hair live in Manchester where I not only launched my new balayage by Jack Howard pre bonded and micro ring Balayage kits for Beauty works online, but also saw me hosting the creative zone for the full two days which was great fun and interesting to be on the other side of the stage instead of on it. The Monday saw me launch my new social media seminar on the businesss zone, the concept is very much a personal story for me of how i’ve used social media to my advantage, lots of great questions and engagement so much so I will be doing the same seminar in London in April.

Balayage by Jack Howard bonds FOR Beauty Works

The following weekend saw me head to Birmingham for my Balayage by Jack Howard class. A small group of salons had combined funds to bring me into one salon where we went through dispelling the myths and fears of what can and does go wrong with balayage if not applied properly, and then onto a full afternoon practical session.

The 22/23 I was at it again this time to Denmark, a first for me, and I would love to go back. This time the class was slightly different as it was all about converting foils to balayage and when i saw my first model my top lip trembled as it eally was a disaster. A typical salon experience really as so few people come in with virgin hair, the results where great and the afternoon we worked on application getting that classic balayage application from root to tip.

Finally the 29/30 saw me back in NewCastle with a group of three salons that had come together and get me in to teach my classic balayage class and again it was another very successful day where I felt that as I left every one in the room could go back into the salon and do some balayage with confidence

Easter weekend I collapsed and just turned off my phone and IPad and enjoyed the family.

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