How To Use Social Media To Pick Your Hair Colourist

Using images posted on social media to guide what hair colour you’d like is now standard practise when going to see a hair colourist, and it’s a very good idea to do so; they’ll be able to get the measure of what you’re after, as well as gathering a bit of information about how you might style it once done.

So why not use social media to help you to pick your hair colourist in the first place? After all, a colourist who uses any picture platforms like instagram or Pinterest is likely to post a lot of their own work, meaning you can suss out whether they do the kind of hair you’d like to have.

There are a few key things to look out for when searching for the one for you.

First, start with hashtags. If you’re after balayage in London, for example, chuck those two things into the search and see who comes up. From there, start deciding whose style you like. Remember not to worry about hair length or how it’s dried – instead, look at the tones and execution. If, for example, you want barely-there, natural whispers of blond, you’d be best off finding someone who loves doing that. Equally, if what you want is more trend-led, try to find someone who thrives when following – or creating – the cutting edge styles.

One thing to take into account is hair type. Yes, a good colourist can colour any hair, but if you find someone who posts a lot of images of your kind of hair with a colour you’d like to have, they’re likely to be a good bet for you.

Also, take into account that hair colourists working at around the same level will follow each other, so you can see who’s interacting with whom to get an idea of people who might suit your needs if your chosen person is busy. Equally, if you’ve found someone you love but they’re out of your budget, try messaging them to ask who they’d recommend at a lower price point as they may have some trainees who can create something with a similar feel.