How to Keep Your Coloured Hair Fresh and Healthy

Coloured hair is an instant pick-me-up, and probably one of the first things you’re likely to book in for when you have a big occasion on the horizon, quite simply because a fresh application of colour makes hair look great and will cheer up your overall look.

One of the best things about the balayage approach is that pieces can be completely bespoke, allowing a colourist to pick out sections that need work and leaving those that don’t entirely alone and thereby minimise damage.

That said, coloured hair in whatever guise does tax the hair, and if you want yours to look shiny and healthy, you have to put in a little bit of work. Here are some things to bear in mind if you want to get the most from your freshly-coloured hair:

1) Dial down the heat.

This is the single easiest and most effective step in caring for balayaged ends and coloured hair in general. Whether you go for a hairdryer or a styling tool, use it on the lowest temperature possible to get the effect you want, and use a heat protector if you can (the GHD Heat Protect Spray is excellent).  Never use a hot styling tool on hair that’s even slightly damp as doing so will singe the hair.

2) Pick up a colour-depositing shampoo.

Whatever your colour, there’s now a shampoo that’ll keep it looking vibrant for longer. Good brands that make them include JoicoR + CoJohn Frieda, and Schwarzkopf Professional. Use every wash or every other wash to reduce colour fade, and, if you’re alternating, do so with a gentle cleansing shampoo.

3) Condition, condition, condition.

This may sound obvious, but hydrating and putting slip into your hair so that it is less likely to tangle is absolutely crucial if you want your hair to stay shiny and healthy. Use a mask once a week and condition balayaged portions after shampooing each time.