How To Keep Colour Treated Hair Vibrant In Four Easy Steps

Reducing damage and dryness in colour treated hair is often written about – but what about keeping that colour vibrant for longer? After all, colouring hair is a costly and time-consuming process, so investing in the right products and spending a little time looking after it stands to reason.

Here are some things you can do to keep your colour looking vibrant and glossy, for longer:

Condition It

The first thing to remember is that colour treated hair is more porous and therefore more prone to leaching colour. To slow down the process, use a conditioner to help smooth the hair shaft, and try a deep treatment at least once a week for a boost.

Wash Less

It sounds obvious, but you’ll elongate the life of your colour simply by cutting down your washes. Each time you shampoo and make hair wet, you will wash away a small amount of the colour and also strip away some natural oils so, again, may open your hair to more damage which will, in turn, make it lose more colour. 2-3 times a week is fine, but if you’re washing daily, perhaps consider investing in some dry shampoo to revive your style and make roots appear less greasy.

Use Colour-Specific Products

Opt for products designed to be used on colour treated hair and you’ll really see the difference in both condition and colour over time. Try the Schwarzkopf Color Expert Shampoo followed by the Color Expert Colour Sealer Conditioner to safeguard your colour as you wash.

Turn Down The Heat

This one’s important. Every time you heat your hair up, the cuticle of your hair opens, allowing colour to bleed out. Make sure you use the lowest heat possible on your styling tools, and always try to reduce the heat of the water you wash your hair with.