Have You Heard… E7 with Lacey Hunter-Felton

Hunter Collective

Our industry is evolving, freelancing is capturing the imagination of hair experts and new co-workspaces are opening across the country. Hunter Collective opened its doors in 2017 and since then we have had the opportunity to experience the incredible impact of co-working, the opportunities it creates, and the positive work-life balance which can be shared. The option to embrace a community-focused, collaborative and mindful space is compelling and exciting. The points below we hope will be useful and inspiring, to both freelancers and co-workspace owners, the future is yours to create. If you would like to learn more about HC and how we run our co-work space contact us or join HCClub. Big Love, Hunter Collective.

Flexibility: Freelancing at its core is about flexibility and the option to choose when and how you work. Removing traditional boundaries and structures to embrace a new work-life balance is achievable and exciting. At HC we use a digital hourly booking system to manage our space which allows us to communicate clearly and give flexibility. HC is launching its own digital booking system, to help co-work spaces and freelancers. Our hope is to create a digital platform that enables our industry to move forward in a collaborative way.

Transparency: Clear definitions of how co-working spaces operate, and how a freelancer is able to access a co-work space is key to creating a diverse and welcoming environment. An example of this is how one charges for their space, how freelancers pay to access space and why it’s important that a shared co-work space is respected and all who use it understand the dynamic all are hoping to create. The responsibilities of a freelancer as an independent business using a co-work space are as equally important. House Rules are a good place to start to share standards and values within your space.

Collaboration, not Competition: As a co-work space, respect and awareness of others in the space is key to a healthy atmosphere. Feeling confident in the knowledge that you are working in a non-competitive, friendly environment that welcomes collaboration and skill-sharing is important for a healthy mindset. It can feel liberating to work in a way that celebrates skills and has no judgment on the individual. At HC we welcome everyone to our open and diverse community, this is a working practice and mindset and needs to be nourished and invested in.

Brand Neutrality: Freedom to work with the products and brands you enjoy, without pressure and influence. As a new sector within the beauty industry co-work spaces has the opportunity to embrace new practices and ideas. Working with more brands and understanding their culture and education is a new and energising perspective. HC welcomes all brands and actively enjoys the diversity they bring to our co-work space.

Freelancer Experience: To put the freelancer at the center of your goals to deliver the best experience within your space. Co-working is a new frontier, historically our industry has put the client at the heart of their service. As a co-work space, its our job to focus on the freelancer and embrace their needs and what will create the best experience for everyone including their clients within the space.  This is a unique element to co-work spaces and we hope all included within the space will feel the love and energy.

Hunter Collective is so excited and inspired by the freelancers and co-work spaces shaping the future of our industry. 2021 is a year of change and discovery. Please give us a follow at Hunter.Collective to keep up to date with our journey and share your insights with how your freelancer careers and or co-work spaces are progressing. HCClub is launching soon, we can not wait to share our new plans with you.

Big Love, Lacey & Hunter Collective