Have You Heard… E3 with Caroline Sanderson

The Salon Jedi Caroline Sanderson’s Top 10 Tips for Post- Covid Profitability

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1. Relookatyourexpenses:nowisthetimetolookatwhereyourmoneyisgoingandwhere you can save. Rent, insurance and utilities may need renewing, so make sure you are

comparing to get the best deal and lower prices. Check your accounts regularly to monitor outgoings and incoming figures.

2. Charge your worth: It is important to charge your worth, taking into account how much time and product you are using per client. The same treatment may take 45 minutes for one client, and over an hour for another, so make sure the pricing is taking that into account. Time is money

so price for profit in relation to your running costs.

3. Tight Stock System: wasted product is money down the drain. Have a tight stock system in place where you are noting down where wastage may be high. We like to keep a savings chart in the salon as a positive way to monitor savings and make it an incentive to save more each month. Look into long term vs. short term saving and maintain that by updating regularly, what

areas can you cut costs? Ask your supplier for deals and negotiated prices.

4. . Increasing the average bill: how can you increase the average treatment? Look at add ons such as VIP experiences, bundles and deluxe versions of services to create further profit from the average treatment price.

5. Focus on rebooking this year: when salons do open, leverage with the clients you already have. There is gold in existing clients, keep your list tight and regularly communicate with them giving them reasons to return sooner. This may be a case of implementing incentives such as

rebooking rewards or block booking priority.

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