Fast track to gorgeous colour with New York lights

I’m going to be blunt about this…. if you have an all-over block colour or have kept your hair its natural hue, it could probably do with a bit of a pick-me-up!

There’s nothing wrong with it, but it could look a little flat and one-dimensional and I’m willing to bet you get bored of it from time to time!

But hair colour can feel like a big commitment and if your current shade mainly works for you, maybe you’ve found yourself stuck in a ‘playing it safe’ rut.

Time to bring it right up to date with a low maintenance alternative that will bring out the best in your current hair colour; something quick to do that will grow out beautifully.

Step forward NEW YORK LIGHTS.

New York Lights are my technique for a face frame of balayage and they are guaranteed to brighten up your look.

I gave them the name because it was always a service that was done in New York, but not so much for clients who have balayage in London.

Why Have Face Framing Highlights?

The main reason to have highlights around the face is to create lightness around the front area in the same way as the sun does when you go on holiday.

New York Lights will add a glow to your face and with some clever placement it should make your eyes stand out and bring out the best in your features.

They’re also great low maintenance colour that look just as good with regrowth and because they’re quick to do they’re not going to break the bank either!

Sometimes brunettes ask whether face framing highlights on dark hair work and they certainly do. Whatever your tone, the secret to getting this look right is to just have balayage pieces a couple of shades lighter than the rest of the hair.

They’re also a perfect way to brighten up your look if you’ve already gone grey.

What Exactly are New York Lights?

Some people describe New York Lights as a ‘backwash balayage’ and that’s because you have pieces of hair around the hairline at the front hand-painted at the backwash.

They can be added to virgin hair, but for many clients I balayage the front at the same time as doing an allover tint and they only take 15-20 minutes to do.

I’ve found that New York Lights are the perfect balayage for men because they add a subtle has he or hasn’t he? pop of colour and, because they’re applied away from the main salon floor, there’s no need for anyone to feel uncomfortable.

What should you ask for?

I always advise clients to bring in photos or at least some Instagram feeds they like to show what they’re looking for and your colourist should give you a thorough colour consultation (and a skin test!) before they start to mix your colour.

If you are trying to explain the look, simply ask for some face framing highlights or balayage. Work with your colourist to find the right reflect for you, but my biggest tip is to avoid a dramatic contrast. Two shades lighter is perfect, three is pushing it and more than that is a disaster waiting to happen!

I truly believe that New York Lights suit EVERYONE! Men, women, young, more mature… Ask your hairdresser about them or if you’d like me to help you to unveil your perfect hair colour I am currently available for consultations and colour appointments at Paul Edmonds in London. Book now.