colour correction and Balayage

More and more directors are asking for authenticity from actresses when it comes to hair colour , and so wigs are being put to one side and the directors are asking for the hair to be coloured, great for our industry a little harsh on the actress if she’s going from one role to the next and different colours., But on screen it looks much more realistic than a wig even a good wig.I think they can always add pieces to the look but the majority is the actresses hair.

Last year I took Suki Waterhouse brunette knowing full well that I would have to take her back blonde at the end of the film. Given this I wanted to make the transition as smooth as possible, and had hoped for a few weeks but literally had 2 days to turn it around. Life in the Bubble always throws you a curve
Often we see celebrities in the press during a colour transition and they look slightly imperfect but for the film or tv show its spot on, most colour changes/ corrections are better when going from dark to light gradually, i believe in leaving the hair in good condition , remember beautiful colour is really only achieved when the hair is in great condition (this is why we should always offer our professional shampoo and conditioning systems to clients) up sell!

My initial thought was to use Loreal professional Effesor which, although I like, you can’t do a pre lightening service on the same day so i would have needed more time for the balayage. With Effesor technically you need to do what they call a search cleanse and if that’s not enough on to the deep cleanse , its all about finding out the true colour story that clients don’t always tell us and so you don’t damage the hair. You can then colour the hair but no pre lightener can be used that day so I would have needed at least 24 hours at least to rest. Alternatively I also like Goldwells colour remover system this removes the colour molecule and can be done in one or 2 applications i’ve had great success with it and its in my kit bag so to speak.

Well the day arrived and i lucked out because i had followed my pre colour rules when taking her from blonde to brunette the fade was even after about 9 weeks all the way through ( a good enough reason to follow a rule if ever there was on) and so i realised that all i needed to do was some classic balayage – I say classic because balayage in its truest form goes from root to tip, soft at the root but still hitting it to thicker through the ends. Plenty of confusion about that in the industry balayage is a highlighting technique not just the ends!. I also say classic balayage because i’m all for the freehand colour movement but felt it needed a clarification from me .
Working through the hair on a classic balayage the larger sections are underneath and as you work through the head to crown the finer they get baby lights , singles whatever you want to call them around the face and through the temples it has to be soft and delicate for me, for it to look great. Because I had done the pre colour work the lift with my pre lightener was also even, and so what I thought might be a massive job turned out to be a classic balayage application – but the message is that i had a plan of action and some options in my head to go forward to.
Life in the bubble is always about action plans. All of us every day correct – colour -darken – lighten
thats what we do , whats your favourite colour remover system and why?

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