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Have You Heard… E1 KIT.STUDIOS

By Jack Howard / February 2, 2021

Likes, Comments, Shares, Saves and Follows; The five key ingredients to becoming the next “Jack Howard”on socials. But how you might ask? Common phrases people use when discussing their social media often sound something like: “My posts aren’t getting enough engagement”, “I can’t seem to grow my online following”, or “I have nothing to post”.…

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How To Avoid Using Surfactants In Your Hair Routine

By Sally Learmouth / June 3, 2019

Sulfates – and whether they are good or bad for hair – have become part of the mainstream conversation about hair, with experts weighing in on both sides. But sulfates aren’t the full story; they are just one of a series of surfactants used in many hair products – and if you are concerned about…

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HAAB needs you

By Jack Howard / January 26, 2015

Just before Christmas I was humbled to be offered a position on the Fundraising committee for HAAB and give back to a community who has been so supportive of me over my long career, It’s not all about Balayage . So  whats that you might say well it’s the “hair and beauty benevolent fund” set up…

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The all new Hairdressers Journal

By Jack Howard / December 13, 2013

The all new HJ has gone monthly and in the first glossy issue there is a great article on tips for colour consultations , probably the most important part of our jobs as colourists. This is where we get to plan with our clients what we are going to do and can make sure we are…

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Balayage has moved homes

By Jack Howard / October 28, 2013

It’s been a mad few weeks, with very little time for me to sit down and write. As some of you will know I have now been appointed the International Colour Director for Neville hair and beauty, 5 Pont Street London, The Bugari Hotel London, and St Barts. The whole move has been amazing and…

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The week in Balayage

By Jack Howard / August 12, 2013

The best news this week, was the fact I’ve been invited to work the stage for Hairdressers Journal with some Balayage, the panic has already set in trying to find the five models I will need, I have a month and a half to sort it. Later this month I’m going to get my assessor…

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