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Have You Heard… E1 KIT.STUDIOS

By Jack Howard / February 2, 2021

Likes, Comments, Shares, Saves and Follows; The five key ingredients to becoming the next “Jack Howard”on socials. But how you might ask? Common phrases people use when discussing their social media often sound something like: “My posts aren’t getting enough engagement”, “I can’t seem to grow my online following”, or “I have nothing to post”.…

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Everything You Need To Know About Ombre Hair

By Sally Learmouth / July 29, 2019

Do you find that you confuse ombre with balayage? You’re not the first. Let’s get the definition of what it means to opt for ombre clear so that you’re equipped to decide whether you want it – and so you know exactly what to ask for in the salon next time you go in. The…

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How You Should Really Be Using Shampoo

By Sally Learmouth / July 15, 2019

Of all the many different kinds of hair product found on a bathroom shelf, it’s pretty likely that everyone will have a bottle of shampoo as a staple. But there’s a lot more to using shampoo properly than just massaging it onto your scalp and washing away; finding the right one and using it correctly…

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Three Things To Consider Before You Choose a Hair Colour

By Sally Learmouth / May 20, 2019

With the myriad new ways to preserve the integrity of hair during the colouring process, far more options have been opened up to anyone wanting to choose a hair colour that’s different to that which they naturally grow. But while preference should always guide you when choosing a hair colour, it’s well worth bearing a…

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