What is bronde hair and is it for you?

Are you still rocking a nondescript shade of mousy brown? Perhaps you’ve escaped by either going full-on blonde or switched up to a deeper brunette, but neither feels really like you.

Well, guess what, there is a better way; one that will bring out the best in your natural tones while brightening up your face and taking you lighter through the ends.

Step forward bronde! If you’re wondering what bronde hair is, it’s exactly as the name suggests: a hybrid of brown and blonde or, as I see it, the perfect combination of brunette and blonde tones.

The bronde movement was led by celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Olivia Palermo and Olivia Wilde and looking back through my work, I realise I’ve been using the term bronde since July 2012, but it’s a trend that is going strong and still looks so current.

Is bronde hair for you?

Bronde hair is now the most popular colour service for my brunette clients in the salon and it’s perfect if you’d like to try a lighter shade without fully taking the plunge to blonde or brown.

Many dark brunettes struggle with orange-toned highlights or pieces that are too light against their skin, so if you’ve had those frustrations this is a brilliant way to give you a natural-looking lighter hue.

I’ve noticed that the celebrities who are really working the trend stay within two-to-three shades of their natural tone –  so don’t go for too dramatic contrast or you’ll look like you’ve been dip-dyed.

The other exciting thing about bronde hair is that it can work with warm, cool or neutral shades and because it stays close to your natural colour it can really complement your skin tone making it the perfect choice as you get a little older.

What should you ask for?

It’s the digital era, so don’t get caught up on what to ask for – take some pictures that you love to the salon with you!

The key to the perfect shade of ‘bronde’ is to lighten hair without completely transforming your natural palette. So expect your colourist to lighten the hair by painting balayage pieces with hydrogen peroxide through the hair. It’s a freehand hair painting technique so there should not be a foil highlight in sight!

The colour should be softer near the mid-section and thicker towards the ends, but it needs to be even all the way through – unsightly lines or colour bands are a definite no-no for this look.

As I’ve mentioned, the key to a beautiful bronde is to not have too much contrast between the roots and the highlighted ends. The result is a low maintenance colour choice that looks fresh and natural. High on style; low on up-keep!

Do you fancy making the transition to bronde, but aren’t sure it will work for you? Or perhaps you want to have your hand-held through the process by someone you know you can trust. I’ve been voted Marie Claire Hair Colourist of the Year in 2018 and I’m currently taking consultation bookings for new clients at the Paul Edmonds Salon in London. Book yours today and begin your journey to bronde balayage.  

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