Born to be Blonde

Blondes always capture my imagination and attention either i’m admiring a gorgeous blondes hair out and about or thinking WHY? you shouldn’t be that blonde, but as I’ve said so many times in the column it’s all about personal taste. Blondes can be tricky but worth it though, lets look at the worth it first.

56% of salon services are blonde +12% YOY
Blondes spend 10% per salon service than brunettes
blondes are 20% more loyal to the same salon versus red/brunettes ( thanks to my friends at LP for this info)

Statistics can be played with but the loyalty and salon service are really interesting.

The tricky part and I suppose its what all colourists face is that a blonde client in fact any colour client who first comes to you , comes with a whole history and experience of things that have gone wrong and what she likes and its navigating that minefield that can be hard . Blonde clients are terrified by the words lowlight they immediately start thinking muddy brown or orange tones so I always say darker blondes and the word toner makes them jump out the chair, that usually has meant to them in the past that the colours not quite right so I always say glaze or gloss for shine and to close the cuticle.
Words can be very powerful and changing your language a little can make the day easier and comfort the client and probably increase revenue

For the last year or so I’ve had the pleasure of looking after Gillian Anderson and took her from Pre lightener and glaze to a highlight tint just a lot less damage on her hair for all the models and actresses their hair takes a battering during filming or shooting so the less aggression the better for me . Gillian has a really busy schedule two productions on the go at the same time so continuity is super important

Hi lift tints are amazing and getting better and better and in some cases now you don’t even have to pre lighten you can get that much lift and neutralisation from one. I have to say that my favourite hi lift was Wella especially 12/89 , but I’ve been testing the New Maji lifts and absolutely love them so now even more choices for us.

Besides hi – lift tints for blondes we have a slew of services aimed at blondes …. there is of course the generic classic foils and cap highlights as well as more up to date Baby lights which are ultra fine weaves done in meche, plastic wrap, foam wraps or even foils, we also have classic balayage a highlighting technique from root to tip and of course merged techniques truly creating something tailored to the individual Expert service is the key to a successful salon, without this you have nothing. Salons need to be the experts and go-to beauty destination .

I was told recently that when we have finished the colour application and say “okay thats on for 35mins would you like a coffee “ that a client can quite often sit a panic about whats going on why is the tint going darker what happens if you don’t come back at 35 mins basically whats going on so I’ve found a great way to alleviate that fear is to explain in layman’s terms whats going to happen and that we might need more time with a pre lighten or that the tint is going to change colour etc, It helps try it! the other thing I’ve always done and i’m sure most of us do is I always like to have a look after the first shampoo before going forward I think it calms the client.

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