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Bombshell Blonde

As much as I like a balayage look all soft and natural, there is no denying that I love a cool white all over blonde, I don’t know about you but I seem to be doing a lot of them at the moment, and loving every one of them.

The trick of course is getting the hair pre-lightend up to a very very  pale yellow and even, before then glazing. I love platinium for Balayage but prefer the new studio blonde powder lightener for an all over blonde. For me  I use either 20 or 30 volume developer depending on the base colour and try to encourage clients to come back at monthly interval because as we all know as soon as you go over that half inch regrowth then its time for a long regrowth application which is time consuming and annoying.

I also like to apply my glaze on damp hair and my latest favourite is Dia Light 9.11 mixed with some clear for more control, but I also adore Luo P01 & P02 both give a beautiful shimmer.

The other week I had  a cool guy come in and he wanted to be a really smokey level 8 and the only way to get that true colour  is to pre-lighten, and then I glazed with Cool Cover 8.1  it was delightful to say the least.

Bombshell ‘bleach’ blondes have been around for decades,  Jean Harlow  and Mae West in the silent and early talking films  Maralyn Monroe in the fifties and early sixties Madonna  & Annie Lennox  in the eighties and ninties when she wasnt copper  and many more, it will never go out of style as its the ultimate blonde ambition . The boys aren’t letting the ladies have all the fun from the rebel punks to todays super model Lucky B Smith it seems wherever I look someones sporting an icy blone  and at all age groups.

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