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It,s always nice meeting new clients who have found you by word of mouth or on Instagram and Twitter, it shows me that social media is a powerful tool. it also lovely to start working with new models and watch them develop, and grow thats the beauty of life in the bubble.

Recently I had two models pay me a visit that I’ve never looked after before both brunette both lovely one with shorter hair who needed it to be a little darker the gorgeous Elenore and the other with longer hair who wanted a little Balayage the equally lovely Jessica. I’m always aware that brunettes shoot darker and Elenore wanted a more rich chocolate brown while Jessica wanted a touch of Balayage to give her a sun kissed look.

I love brunettes, loyal regular never want to see red or orange –  well not in my bubble  – and so easy to please then I got to thinking about tinting, and how myself included, everyone is talking Balayage, Babylights, Ecaille, Bronde but what about the humble tint isn’t it time we applaud it, look up to it as a great salon service that we can make a lot of money from.

How do we make this simple service more bespoke more original so that the client can see how different we do it to how its done on aisle 7 of Boots. Consumers need to believe what we do is different and bespoke if we are going to get more of them visiting us

When we look at a Child’s hair colour or a virgin head of hair what we notice is that through the front area it is naturally lighter then it goes a little darker through to the occipital bone and then a little darker again, so basically three areas, therefore when tinting a client I always try to lighten the front section either at the backwash with my NEW YORK LIGHTS technique but that adds more to the bill so my other option is to go half a shade lighter around the face.

So if i’m tinting a client at a level 6 around the hairline I would use 6 and 7 just to soften it and make it look younger. Playing around I’ve started to work on the 3 sections the front would be a 6 and 7 the next section would be a 6 and the 3rd section a 5 + 6 so really subtle and natural but fresher you don’t have to mix loads of colour it still only adds up to one tube just spread over 3 colours in 3 bowls I’ve been enjoying it and have named it after a french word for fresh it’s lovely “Fraiche” easy to say and it translates well.

The great thing about this method of tinting is that it can be used on any colour and every client who has tinted hair the options are endless and clients will notice the fresher younger look of their hair colour. As with everything its not about reinventing the wheel its about adding a spoke to make it work better.

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