Balayage is a highlighting technique in it’s truest form from root to tip created by the Caritta sisters in 1974 it has gone through many evolutions and can be broken up into 4 categories.

Applied on the surface of the section and not saturated through until the very tips, otherwise you would have a streak of colour that isn’t very soft at all. Because it’s hand painted, your colourist can choose the placements to  best complement your haircut, skin and features so it can look really natural and youthful. Balayage is about contrast and softness. There’s no stripy look, it emulates what you would get naturally in the sun, but Balayage has evolved, as colourists have experimented with it, and different haircuts have required different looks. Balayage is no longer a revolution, yet its still widely confused with teasy lights and Ombre. It has naturally evolved as we would expect from any serious trend that becomes a colorists standard application and now Jack Howard has developed it into 4 clearly defined categories.


Classic Balayage is saturated at the ends and the product is loaded in the mid-lengths, feathered up to the root and spread down over the surface of the section for a seamless finish. This is perfect for the woman who wants her highlight to the root she’s probably got longer hair and is a classic-styled woman she would need to come into the salon every 8 weeks or so and would usually be blonde and loves being a blonde at that.


Creative Balayage is saturated at the ends and product is loaded in the mid lengths. The difference here is that whilst we spread the product down to the ends, we only feather slightly the hair shaft for a more lived in feel and finish. This is great for women who want a lower maintenance look and is perfect for all hair colour types. It’s that next day hair feel, great for longer styles but also lovely on shag lobs and mid length looks upkeep is from the 10-16 week mark.


Micro Balayage is a finer, more delicate application and works well on all hair colours, but is exceptional for women who want a heavier colour coverage. Also, for women transitioning from foil to balayage or women who like to flip their partings around, and fringes, if it’s a light application then regrowth is minimal about 8-10 weeks but if you go for a heavier look then your back at 8 - 10 weeks and is great for guys, yes i said guys so you can book your guy in to.


California is a much heavier incarnation of any of the applications. It's still very soft at the root but much more heavier looking coverage through the mid lengths and ends.  It works well on longer hair, blonde or brunette, but it's not advised for anyone who wants their color super cool toned, but as you can see the evolution of balayage works with all curl formations and all hair colours always talk to your colorist about cost and upkeep because what you don’t want is the wrong application for the haircut or upkeep so its important to remember your cut dictates the placement and the heavier the colour  application the more upkeep is needed.