How To Balayage Tinted Hair

As hair colourists we are taught from an early stage a perfect colour application for grey coverage or colour change should be even from roots to ends, this indeed gives a glorious, even and technically perfect colour, but it never looks natural to me, and depending upon the colour house used the end result can be rather monochromatic and on darker shades dare I say wig like!

There are a few ways I approach this to combat that technically perfect look ….

1. I very rarely pull the colour all the way through even when dealing with fade-age. A quick emulsification for the last 3-5 minutes restores the shine or i’ll use Chromative at the end.

2. I always like to pull pieces of colour through usually just weaving it through. This gives a variation in tone and a more natural feel, especially if you use a shade lighter and use a demi colour- better conditioned shiny hair is always the goal for me.

3. My favourite way to approach it is to Balayage lighter and darker pieces through on the wet tint.
the way I approach this is the same as I would any Balayage, always looking to add dimension to natural curl patterns and to accentuate the variations in the colour that have developed over the last month.

Natural hair colour always has dimension and is always lighter at the ends than the roots, so why would I want to apply it any other way?

Jacks tip – Freehand highlights are fun and creative.

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