Balayage goes from strength to strength

Its amazing that after four years working in the UK Balayage is no longer a trend that could be dismissed by those that wanted to stick to traditional foils. but now is a regular service on so many salons menus. I’ve been thrilled to be part of this movement championing my technique of choice. As with so many wonderful looks and trends we don’t own them personally, its not like I invented Balayage, I just love it and found a niche in the market where something fresh and exciting was needed. I do need to stress that in the UK there still is this thought process that Balayage is just the ends of the hair – in its truest form Balayage is a highlighting techniqure from root to tip.

This is probably the most common misunderstanding and one that I hope I rectify with my Balayage on the road classes.
My classes also cover and address all the most common problems and fears when people first start learning the technique
2.Not enough lift
4.lack of control
5.getting close to the root
8.sectioning and quite a few others.

I teach from the heart and from my own personal experience as a colourist who works behind a chair every day, and at one point only foiled as a highlighting technique.
This week I was in Barnes at the Andrew Stephen salon where they where already doing balayage and just wanted to learn some tricks and tips. We had an amazing day.

Next month sees me at Pro Hair Manchester presenting and at the Beauty Works stand, here is a sneek peek of whats coming and then its off to Birmingham, Denmark and Newcastle all for my balayage on the road classes, I might just need a break by the end of March. The revolution ain’t stopping.

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