3 Ways To Update Blond Hair For Autumn

There are no two ways about it: summer means blond is very much in, with even those who have ebony hair often asking for some lighter portions through their lengths or in their ends as a nod to the season’s most popular shade.

But as summer yawns to a close and hair has been lightened with balayage and possibly also as a result of exposure to the sun, now is the time to start considering subtle tweaks to segue your colour perfectly into something a little more autumnal.

Here are three updates to try:

Add Copper Tones

Icy blond was the most celebrated shade of the winter, but now we are seeing a shift into warmer tones. For something a bit easier to pull off, try adding a blaze of warmth to your hair in the form of copper. A semi-permanent colour might be a good way to go if you think you’d like to whip out fresh, cool blond again next year and are just looking to tone yours down over the winter.

Try Darker Panels

This is another simple approach that yields great results, particularly when balayage is used. The ideal end goal is maintaining some of the lighter sections and just adding depth underneath to break up colour. There’s an added bonus here of those light bits lifting the face throughout winter if they’re placed well.

Opt For A Root Stretch

Think your darker hair carried down and through your blond, lending it a lived in, grown out, Cali girl vibe. To get the best out of this look, make sure your colourist matches the darkest strands running through the blond with your roots, which will also mean you can leave it to grow out a bit over winter without worrying about a telltale darker root.