Hair Colour and Balayage for Men

The recent rise of the dandy has got to be a good thing for hairdressers and barbers because it brings with it a huge opening to up-sell products and hair colour to our male clientele.

But are you seizing the opportunity that men and hair colour presents? Before we go on, let me share some statistics about men’s hair colour from my friends at L’Oreal Professionnel:

  • The number of men who regularly colour their hair is 11% (based on men aged 18-60 who are users of skincare /styling and shaving products) – not a terrible number, but there’s plenty of room for improvement.
  • 40% of these men are aged 18-29 years old.

It’s interesting how the number of men having their hair coloured decreases as they get older shrinks compared to women who become more likely to colour their hair.  Presumably, it’s due to hair loss and an acceptance of going grey. The big question is has there been a rise of the silver fox or is it that men don’t want locks that look obviously coloured?

I hate to see a man who is older with hair that looks coloured (think Ronald Reagan!) and find that a blended colour look is better than solid coloured. I tend to use more ashes and lower volumes of developer to stop the orange tones appearing.

My all-time favourite product is Redken Camo Colour. It’s only 5 minutes development time and is on the cooler side, so it can be applied at the back wash and doesn’t make a guy feel uncomfortable in the salon.

I’ve no doubt that older guys still want to look fresh and relevant so it’s up to us professional colourists to talk to our male clients about colour and sell it in a way that appeals to them.

Younger guys are a much easier sell, as the statistics prove. I’ve found that balayage for men  is a really popular service for twentysomethings. Just like women, they want to accentuate their best features and the texture of their locks, so hand-painted highlights are the perfect colour technique.

Balayage is also popular with younger men because it’s a quick colour service that can be applied at the backwash so there’s no need for them to feel self-conscious. Male clients have often been advised by their partners to try colour and fall in love with it because it’s natural looking and low maintenance.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the opportunity male colour clients present the first step is to master the art of balayage for men. I’m offering on-demand men’s balayage training videos that can be watched on demand. You’ll get lifetime access for just £50 – about the cost of a single colour process!

Step two is to put some thought into your colour menu and find ways to make it fresh and appealing to men. It’s all about selling an image, so you need to think about the different techniques and update the names of your colour clients to spell out the ways that hair colour or balayage for men is going to really benefit your clients.

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